Monday, July 7, 2008

Freakonomics, Naturalist, Discover...Which does it the best?

There have been so many books in the style of Freakonomics released over the last 5 years---meaning very readable and enjoyable economic applications for the individual that knows absolutely nothing about the dismal social science.

Discover Your Inner Economist
by Tyler Cowen, The Economic Naturalist by Robert H. Frank, and Unsafe Sex is Safer Sex by Steven Landsburg are just a few examples.

Obviously Freakonomics was not the first, but it certainly introduced and/or renewed a large interest in basic "101 economic" principles (in the blog-age).

So my questions is: Who does it the best?

Currently, I am leaning towards Levitt and Dubner for their fun factor, application of the principles (I love how there is no calculus), intelligent style, and it is an easy read even for my high school students that haven't yet taken AP Economics.

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