Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crossing a Busy Street

There are two types of people that cross a busy street when cars are coming: the type that thinks a car should slow down because they are in the middle of the street and the type that runs across because they know they aren't supposed to cross there anyway. I believe most people fall into the latter.

The people that run across the street recognize that cars go fast and can kill them if they are struck; for me, a simple cost benefit analysis and some rational human behavior explains these types.

The people that take their time and expect the cars to slow down for them, are the selfish, self-centered, and higher risk taking individuals that are very trusting of drivers. They also don't mind getting honked at, cursed at, or any single-finger expressions waved at them. But, I wonder. Are these the types that are more likely to start their own businesses, become CEOs, invest their 401ks in riskier funds, thus ultimately ending up with the better chances of earning higher salaries?

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